Is It Worth It to Undergo an LoL Boost? You Decide!

Is it worth it to undergo an Elo boost in League of Legends? Why not go ham on solo queue despite its hardness and monotony or casually play in flex queue even though its matchmaking does leave much to be desired? The answer is that for those engaging in Elo boosting, it’s a victimless crime in their eyes. To Lol boost, to them, is to activate their Game Genie and “hack” the game or use their better gamer friends to finish levels for them. However, Elo or MMR boosting has become a bit of a cottage industry of sorts, with professional players offering their expertise to willing buyers to make their accounts MMR go up after only a few hours of gameplay on their accounts.

Is It Worth It?


  • Fly-by-Night Booster Scammers: The anti-boosting contingent in LoL alleges that MMR boosting endangers the security of your account since you’re handing it to strangers. You should never share your login info with another player, they say. Many nevertheless have with boosters, hoping to get higher MMR when all is said and done. However, there are fly-by-night “boosters” who actually use Elo boosting to steal or sell accounts to other players.


  • Some Pro League Players Have Been Suspended: Pro LoL players make some side money by playing on the accounts of willing players in order to boost their Elo. This was the case with pro-LoL player Yu Xian, also known as XiaoWeiXiao of Team Impulse. The mid-laner agreed to level up an LoL account for a whopping $1,300. When he was caught, he was suspended. According to Riot, the developer of LoL, Elo boosting is against their rules outright.


  • Risk versus Reward: So why do players stealthily higher pro gamers to boost their Elo or MMR despite the high risk of suspension and shame for the booster as well as increased risk of banning for the boostee? It’s because if you can get away with it, it’s an efficient way to play the most fun parts of LoL without grinding on feeders via Solo Queue ranked matches. The boredom of playing fair is almost worth getting a high-tier, high-level account and boosted champion from the get go.